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Will My Wedding Photographer and Videographer Work Together? / Guest Blogger: David Boyette

David and I worked together a few months ago at Jenn & Nathan's wedding at the Norskedalen Heritage Center near La Crosse. Last week, we decided to meet up at Jule's Coffee in La Crosse to drink some (a lot) espresso and write a few blog posts, to tell you why you need both a videographer and photographer.


Many times, before a wedding I only get to meet the photographer the day of. Basically, I'm just hoping and trusting that they are a great person to work with (if I hadn't worked with them before). The day started off crazy, it had started raining and we were already a bit behind on our schedule. It was time for the photographer to meet us at the house that the bride and party stayed at. WOW. What a relief. I had introduced myself to David and the videographer and he was kind and definitely a go-getter. One of the key ingredients to a great wedding photographer / videographer duo is that both understand the needs of the other. Our day started pretty crazy, but began to unfold as we were in-sync.

Your media team needs to work together for the greater good of the bride and groom's forever. By knowing they have already worked together, that they have already communicated successfully, and will make your day wonderful, is a great feeling for a bride and groom. It's a comforting feeling to know that your media crew will work together.

Here is What David (La Crosse Wedding Photographer) says about this:

3 reasons why you should have a videographer and photographer at your wedding.

This summer I had the opportunity to work with a videographer that I had not met before. Her name was Trinity and she runs a company called ideal wedding video. We had a great time working together and have become friends since then. In light of this I wanted to write a blog post about why it is important to have both a photographer and videographer present on your wedding day.

1. Tell the whole story

As wedding photographers/videographers we are essentially storytellers. We are at your wedding to not only capture the memories for the future, but also to tell your story in a stylistic and beautiful manner. While having one or the other maybe a good start, having both will not only tell your story in a more complete way but it will also give a roundness to the story. Allowing for one memory to flow into the other to achieve an actualized narrative of how your day really went from start to finish.

2. Both mediums have different ends

This one may seem obvious but it is worth thinking about. Photography and videography have very different places in your home and in time as it progresses. Photographs are hung on the wall and kept high on safe shelves in photo albums. It is nice when you are feeling nostalgic to pull the book down dust it off and relive in your mind those wonderful memories or to get it out when your parents are in town to reminisce. Having “home movies” of any kind but especially professional wedding videos are not something you walk by everyday hung up in your hallway. They are great to pull out on holidays when the whole family is in town for a post dinner screening.

3. Memories for those who couldn’t make it

The end of number two is a great segue into number three. As time passes and we get older there are going to be new members of the family inevitably popping up down the road. Your kids or your sisters kids and maybe your grandkids one day, okay let’s not think about that last on just yet. But the point is somewhere down the road of life you are going to tell people about it and some people who weren’t there are going to want to see it and hear the song from your first dance and see the smile on their great grandparents face when they were younger etc. This goes back to the first point but then again all of these things are tied together. Telling a more complete story is a good idea and the future you will thank the present you greatly.

I had a great time at Jen and Nate’s wedding this summer and it was a pleasure working with Trinity. We had a blast and Jen and Nate are set for the future. No aspect of their day can be forgotten. Go check out Trinity’s website, her work is fantastic!

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