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Favorite Wedding Day Invitations and Programs | Wedding Stationery

So you're looking to design your own wedding invites... LOVE IT! Here's my favorite way to get your perfect Wedding Day Stationery.

It can be so difficult to find Wedding Invites that you both love and can fit all of your information for the wedding day on them! Templett designs are inexpensive, give you full creative freedom over your design and can be edited very easily.

2. Printing Your Designs

These designs can be exported and sent directly to your Printer Company of choice or printed at home. Heavy card stock is recommended. Make sure your printers settings are set to '100%' or 'Actual size'. With all the different download options, you can have your template printed anywhere.

A local print shop in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area, that I recommend, is Miller Quick Print. They are a wonderful and kind small business and are always willing to help! Joy at the front desk can offer a variety of services from printing the Send and Return addresses on the envelopes (which is a LIFESAVER), Viewing different weights and colors of paper and getting Examples (Proofs) to view before printing out all of them. Miller provides a 10% discount for all orders placed on their website!

If you're looking for a nationwide online option for printing here are a few other favorite options with great reviews from brides:

- Zazzle - Design and Print

- Magnet Street - Design and Print

- Canva - Free Designing and Inexpensive and Quick Printing

Happy Planning!!

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