The Emerald Collective
Communication is master on the wedding day.
Savannah and Trinity are co-wedding vendors and friends with an eagerness to document your love! Seamless film and photo coverage of your wedding day, brought to you by Savannah Steiger Photography and Hoffland Films through natural or staged lighting, posed and natural shots, we'll help you  live it up on camera, together!
Save up to $400, when you book us both! (limited time offer)
Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Photographer and a Videographer for my wedding?

It would be very difficult for one person to do both wedding photography and videography. To get the best results and have your memories preserved you should get a wedding photographer and wedding videographer.

Why should I hire a Photographer and Videographer who have worked together?

Savannah and I are both more than willing to work with other wedding photographers and videographers, but we have worked specifically on how we work together as a team for the client's benefit. When your photograher and videographer are on the same page (before the wedding day, even!), you can be sure to get great footage with your wedding photographer and videographer in the right place!

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"She did an amazing job. Everything I’ve ever wanted..." -Katie S., a bride

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