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Is It Worth Having a Videographer at Your Wedding? What I Learned from My Wedding Day.

Okay! So here's some information that I learned from my wedding day in Wisconsin!

Honestly, asking a wedding videographer to capture my wedding was a hard choice. I know what I want and what I like, so handing all of that power over to someone else was a little bit of a struggle. (Stephen, my husband, kept reminding me I couldn't record it myself... LOL)

At first thought, I knew I wanted a highlight reel with audio. Stephen and I were both writing our own vows, and we had my youth pastor officiating the wedding for us. I'm a pretty busy gal, and a short highlight reel would be the perfect length for us to watch and re-watch... forever. :) We just asked our videographer to set up one camera in the back during our ceremony, and walk around with the other one. PS: This is my favorite technique.

In times of the past, wedding videographers were all about one or a few stationary cameras throughout the ceremony, and the videographer just standing there... Stable shots are nice and many times definitely needed, but hey! Let's get those dramatic, sweeping and up-close shots of you and your partner saying your vows!

My goal as a videographer is to get you the best possible shots for you to remember your wedding day! There are some people that prefer their videographer to rather stay behind the scenes- and that's okay! I made sure to tell my photographer and videographer that they have free reign to walk around to make sure they can get the best shots for my husband and I. I don't even remember my videographers and photographers moving and standing anywhere during my ceremony. I was so thrilled to marry Stephen, that literally everyone else and everything else disappeared... crazy, right?! I was amazed by the shots they were able to get, because I don't even remember the photographer and videographer being there, hardly!

A mother once told me "I just watched my daughter wedding video and I was very impressed with he quality and detail. I was able to see things that I would have otherwise missed (first look) and the expression on my daughter's face during the ceremony, as her back was towards me. It was so well put together and thoughtful editing. Thank you!"

If you are looking for a videographer who isn't afraid to swoop and glide along the sides (most quietly and swiftly) you are in the right place. I will work with your photographer, to make sure that we are not getting in each other's shots (because nobody wants that).

Final thought. I am so glad that I gave my photographers and videographers the freedom to get almost whatever shot they need to get, because that is what will last. You won't remember where your media crew was on your wedding day, but you will remember the wonderful feeling of the day and facial expressions they captured.

Image By: Savannah Steiger

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