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Trinity Hoffland Films Wedding Videographer
Trinity Hoffland Films Videographer

I'm so happy you're here!
Let's document your love story.

Your photographer(s) and I will likely be the few people who you spend most of your wedding day with (even if we're just in the background with our cameras!). You've gotta trust and love us! So, in that case... we should definitely get to know each other better!

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Elopement & Intimate Wedding Videographer
"You will never know the value of a moment,
until it becomes a memory." -Doctor Seuss
Couples who are humorous, go-getters and down for a laughin' good time will feel right at home with me!
My focus with each film is on who you are together so that you may always remember why you fell in love.

After each time you watch your film, you 
will be brought back to the sounds, people and nostalgia of your wedding day again and again. My mission  is to document your love with originality and authenticity. 

Along with your Wedding Day Film, you may also choose to receive full video of your wedding ceremony, speeches, dances and other options. Let's document you, your love and all of those wonderful moments that will soon become your dearest memories.

"Trinity is a top notch professional.


She is very organized and takes the creative lead, however takes interest in what you want. She catches that vision and runs with it. On top of it all, she is sweet, kind, humble and totally great energy."

New York Photographer's Take on Videography

"Hear me out. If I were to marry my husband again, I would honestly put higher priority on the filmmakers than the photographers...
This might sound cliche but you know the phrase 'a picture is worth 1000 words?' Videos are shot at 24-120 frames per second. So you’d be talking at least '1,800,000 words' per minute of video. A wedding film doesn’t just capture a split second.

It captures the actual expressions from start to finish, the way the candles flicker, the actual tears rolling down, the way your voices crack when you are exchanging vows, the movement of your dress when he spins you around, the laughter.

None of which can be done with a still image."