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Romantic & Documentary

Hoffland Films aspires to not only film the key moments of your wedding but also to document the emotion and feelings. I carefully piece together each film by choosing the right filming techniques, selecting music to fit your vibe, and editing in a way that makes the biggest impact for your film. My priority is to create an intentional, quality film that represents and celebrates you.

We're going for tear-jerking films here - ami right?!

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Hey, I'm Trinity Hoffland
Akeeli & Lorin Coastal Elopement _ Cannon Beach, Oregon _ Michelle Allan Photography 166_w
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La Crosse, Wisconsin Based - Wedding and Elopement Videographer, Bachelor Nation Lover, Target Archer and Addict to Backcountry Tent Camping!!


My desire to feel emotions deeply & live in the moment brings me wading through a room full of laughter and tears with my cameras, often. Even though I consider myself an extrovert and literally feel such good energy and fulfillment when I'm around others, I find that I'm my most complete when I'm camping in the still of nature with my husband, Stephen and our pup, Dakota. 


Stephen and I were married in September of 2019 (and then we drove to South Dakota to get our honeymoon puppy-- lol). I still remember back to our wedding day and how badly I wanted to be wholly and fully present and remember every moment.  Throughout the planning process, I'd often be told that the day "goes by too fast" and that I'll barely get anything to eat at the reception. WELP. I really thought that they would be wrong...

After our sweet wedding day, I could hardly remember much of the ceremony, the toasts or even our first look. You could sorta say I was on some kinda
love high and I was so damn excited to see my hot new husband! Now, I'm SO SO SO glad that we had those moments filmed and now can brought back to my memory from watching our wedding film.

"Book Trinity with Hoffland Films.
It'll be the best damn decision you make..."

"She is so easy to get along with her bubbly fun personality. From booking to the wedding day everything was so smooth. We met in person to go over details before our big day over coffee and breakfast.

When the wedding came I was so happy to have her there. She felt like a friend the whole day versus someone up in your face. Especially given all of our easy going interactions prior. She truly cares about you, what you want and making the day so dang special.

WE HAD THE BEST TIME at my wedding with her and her husband Stephen (the pack mule ) and have made friends for life."

-- Elissa W.

New York Photographer's Take on Videography

"Hear me out. If I were to marry my husband again, I would honestly put higher priority on the filmmakers than the photographers...
This might sound cliche but you know the phrase 'a picture is worth 1000 words?' Videos are shot at 24-120 frames per second. So you’d be talking at least '1,800,000 words' per minute of video. A wedding film doesn’t just capture a split second.

It captures the actual expressions from start to finish, the way the candles flicker, the actual tears rolling down, the way your voices crack when you are exchanging vows, the movement of your dress when he spins you around, the laughter.

None of which can be done with a still image."

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All Videos

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